What's it gonna be then, eh?

Where the Action Never Stops

I’ve using Hugo pretty heavily this year, even before coming to the Tildeverse. Most (if not all) of my tricks were learned from a combination of cannibalizing existing themes and looking stuff up in search engines because the project’s documentation is good in some areas but kinda sparse in others.
Naturally this made me think “where does the Hugo community gather? They probably have a chat room somewhere”

Digging Holes

Did I mention all my content is also available on gopher? Well, it is. You can find links on the web, and all the gopherholes link to each other as well.

Business as usual

I am now keeping 4, that’s right 4, blogs. That’s pretty close to being a lot, I think. I’ll see how long I can keep this up.
Fortunately this isn’t the kind of thing where I have to constantly be chugging out content or something, after all these are all mine. Post what I want when I want or can, slow movement style.

Droning On

I’ve been keeping myself busy for the last couple of weeks with making this blog look better and migrating from bashblog to Hugo.


I just finished tweaking my home page and just for the hell of it, decided to check it out in both elinks and lynx. The background color doesn’t look as nice on the terminal as it does on the browser, but everything else looks very nice. Sexy even, hence the title.


I’ve never been fishing and I don’t think I ever will, waking up at ungodly hours to go somewhere and get swarmed by mosquitos has never been my idea of fun. However, I’ve played pretty much every fishing (mini)game I’ve ever come across. There’s just something about them, I guess.